Best Movies about Zombies to Watch in 2020

The zombie movies can be horrifying because the zombies are without any remorse and pity. The monsters are driven by hunger, and it is not possible to put them down quickly as they are immortal. Zombie movies have been introduced since the 1930s, and the scary-looking zombies are still around haunting us in movies. This guide for movies about Zombies might be on your must-watch list. If you’re watching on the phone, you might also be interested in the best apps to watch movies.

The Dead don’t die
The Dead Don’t Die comes with a variety of tones and themes and is a big success. The movie has an intriguing story, and the narration has a sharp wit. The combination of the strong cast and their excellent performances make it one of the best movies about zombies. The zoom-com will require you to use your brains because it can get confusing at times. The movie has a stellar star cast that includes Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton, Chloë Sevigny, Steve Buscemi, Danny Glover.

The concept of Maggie can get a bit off-track and clumsy at times, but the script’s lack of depth is backed up and redeemed by the actors’ excellent performances. The movie gives an unexpectedly thoughtful vibe and conveys a strong message. The plot revolves around a father who does everything to save his infected daughter when a deadly virus sweeps away the nation.

Resident Evil
Resident Evil is a video game adaptation, and similar to the other adaptations of the video game, this version is also a bit loud and can get violent at times. It might not be suitable for kids under the age of 15, and the parents should avoid letting the kids watch it. It has a formulaic concept and gets cheesy at some points. Director of Resident Evil has adapted another popular video game that will launch on the big screen on the lines of the top zombie movies of all time that are gory action thrillers.

REC 2 doesn’t have an intriguing and surprising plot like its first installment. The first version of REC 2 had a surprising jolt that made the audience glued to the TV screens. Fortunately, [REC] 2 has maintained the chilling momentum that the original REC had and is a perfect example that proves that the horror sequels are not as good as their first installments.REC 2 was highly anticipated due to the first installment’s success and was considered one of the best zombie movies of all time. The plot of the REC 2 begins from where the previous installment had left.

Night of the Living dead
Night of the Living Dead doesn’t isn’t as good as the original’s narrative but has an impressive screenplay. The movie has a smooth action, and the scary zone is maintained in this version as well. It is one of the best horror showcases that are worthwhile. The good zombie movies can get you involved instantly. The movie’s concept is quite horrifying and focuses on the dead people who have returned to eat the humans that are alive. I recommend watching this one over a 3D platform or big LED. If you are looking for one, get on Microsoft store for the best coupons.

Scooby-do on Zombie Island
Scooby-on, a zombie island is an animation comedy horror film, and if you like movies about zombies, don’t forget to watch this one. The story revolves around Scooby-do and his friends as they travel to Moonscar Island on an adventure. It looks like a heavenly paradise, but the dark secrets about the zombie pirates are yet to be revealed. Hiroshi Aoyama and Kazumi Fukushima have directed the film.

Wild Zero
Wild Zero is one of the best movies about zombies, and the story revolves around punk rock and space aliens who gather together with the zombies. It is like a youth culture blow out of Japan, which is quite interesting to watch. The performances from the cast are quite good, and Tetsuro Takeuchi is the director of the film. The film stars one of the topmost actors, including Guitar Wolf, Masashi Endo, Drum Wolf, and Kwancharu Shitichai.

Tombs of Blind Dead
Tombs of Blind dead revolve around cowled skeletons of Spanish Knights that are stuck in one place. The crows blind them, and coming out of this seems like a distant dream. The film was set in the 13th century, and it does give scary vibes when you start watching it. The entertaining Spanish movie stars one of the top Spanish stars like Lone Fleming, Cesar Burner, Maria Elena Arpon, and Joseph Thelman. Fans are in love with it, and despite being old, it is considered the best zombie movie of all time.

Versus is another entertaining zombie movie that will steal your heart with beautiful twists and performances. It is one of those good zombie movies that have a beautiful plot. It revolves around a group of ruthless gangsters, stranger women, and escaped convicts, and when they join forces, the real twist begins from there. The trouble for this trio starts when the opponents who have died come back alive to threaten them. The film stars Tak Sakaguchi, Kenji Matsuda, Chieko Misaki, and Yuichiro Arai have excellent performances.

Even After
Even after is one of the top zombie movies that revolve around the life of high school friends. Tessa Young is a fresh college student, and she gets in touch with Noah and Steph, which are her new roommates in the dorm. They all get entangled into unfortunate situations, and how they come out of it is what that is to be seen. The film stars Gro Swantje Kohlhof, Maja Lehrer, Trine Dyrholm, and Barbara Philipp.

Little Monsters
Little Monsters revolves around a washed-up musician and teams up with students and teachers to start his journey. He works hard and tries to protect the children against attacks from zombies. Dave gets into an unfortunate breakup with his girlfriend and is forced to stay with his sister and son. Dave meets Caroline, a teacher at high school, and they become fond of each other. Top actors like Lupita Nyong’ o, Alexander England, Josh Gad, and Kat Stewart are a part of the film and make it worthwhile.

Thus, here was our amazing list of zombie movies. Consider watching over something big, but if your smartphone works for you then great. For further read, consider the best smartphone apps you must have on your phone.

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