Gaming Community & Career in 2021

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Gaming Community means that the groups that are organized with a player of the video games that play with each other on a regular basis. These can be single gameplay or multiplayer. These communities are very large in number. It includes small groups that contain only friends or a large number of people in large groups of players.

Now in the modern days, a very big range of organizations are working that comprise more than four thousand players. These organizations set goals and rewards for the winners. These community groups also vary from age to age some works for a few weeks but some also remain in action for more than decades.

When we get to know the history of a gaming industry then we come to know that the history of its communities makes the history of games. So anybody who wants to know about gaming history surely he needs to deals with the communities of gaming.

It starts in the 70 but the culture starts to grow up in the 80s. Electronic gaming becomes popular and people love to play games.  Some starters are Pong, Donkey Kong, etc. The defender game’s arrival was later by these games. A great competition starts in the US and Japan.

Nowadays there are many types of communities of gaming are working but some common and most important one that are popular are First-person Shooters, Role-playing Video Games, Massively Multiplier Games and the last one is strategy games. There are many popular communities as given below with detail.

First-Person Shooter

This Community also shortly named as FPS. In these times it is the best and most popular gaming community that gains importance day by day. Its idea of competition now widely accepted by gamers all over the world.

Their online Battles games play by the groups of gamers. Groups assigned to the Game players or them by their own choice make groups play online battles. These games are set with a complete set of rules. You can set and choose the liked weapon such as Gun, pistols, etc that a gamer like to choose for playing. Rules of such community games set and amend by these groups.

Role-playing Video Games

In these Games players assign a role to play. The player acts like a hero and saves their people.  He can save his relative’s city or any of the goals can set from game to game. He fights and saves the people and becomes a hero. Large numbers of communities are working with such games where Players play individually or in groups to meet goals.

Massively Multiplier Games

These games also known as MMO games. These are the main games that help to form the communities. In these games, a large number of players can add. These communities can have more than a thousand players at the same time. In these communities, different players cooperate with each other as a team and also play against the other teams. Many rewards such as cash and prizes also offer for winners.

Strategy games

These Games formulate the communities and very interesting in the play. In these games, the intellectual skills of the players check in different situations. A situation set for the players and how they resolve this situation by using their mind skills. Large communities engage with such games.

Here we will mention the names of some popular communities that are working in that era.

  • PC Gamer Club
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Patient Gamers
  • Battlefield
  • Game Detectives
  • PC Gaming Subreddit
  • Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Gaming as A career:

The world is changing day by day and many things that were taken as the fun in the past now become a source of earning and people now can start their career with such things. Among all these things gaming is one of the best and interesting that can join as a career for the people. They can play and earn from these sources in handsome.

When we have to look in over around we have to found many of the examples of the people who become professional Gamer and enjoy a very good career with attaching to this industry. These not only earn handsome but also provide jobs to the other people who are good at gaming and love to play games. Perfect sources for Gaming career can be following.


To better understand Gaming as the career a perfect example is available with us is eSports Market. This market grows in billions of dollars in recent years. This market engages game leagues for people who are professional gamers. They play the leagues and earn a handsome prize and cash awards from such games.

More than 300 gamers reported in the last years that are the lower earner and earn more than 50000 dollars in a year. Other Players that are added with this organization earn high amounts by playing games.

Developers of the Games:

Not just the players who play the Games. But the Developers who develop the Games also earn a handsome amount from the development of the game. You may also find a large number of freelancing jobs as the game developer by sitting at home you can earn handsomely.

If you a good professional developer you can choose gaming developing organizations and can earn high rewards as your salary. It is becoming very popular and new and modern games competition increases and you have wider areas to develop the new games to make players attract to your developed games.

Game Studio:

If you are some basic skills at game development you can join the Game studio for starting your career. With attaching these studios you can adopt many new skills and can add many skills in your portfolio.  Not only as of the developers but you can also be engaged with the Game studio as the player. In both cases, these game studios can provide you career and earning to live. A lot of platforms available with these platforms people are earning millions of dollars.

Live Video Game Streaming:

This is not known by most people but it is also a source for your career. These Gamers assign the task to amuse the viewers. Thousands of people and professional people view your play and praise your way of playing games. Many of the Players are earning six figures income from this kind of source.


Gaming communities are popular groups of the people who play a very important role in the development game needs and also these communities make history. By the reason of such communities, Modern games come into existence.

While we look at the Gaming in 2020 it becomes an important source that can adopt as a career. Many of the Players and Game developers are engaged with these common sources such as ESPORTS, Live Game Streaming, Developers and Game Studios for earning handsome figure salaries. It is not now fun it is a source of earning that can make you millionaire very quickly.