Hanta Virus!How much should you worry about the newly viral virus

Hanta Virus!How much should you worry about the newly viral virus.

The world has been hurt by the Coronavirus pandemic. People are in self-isolation trying everything possible to not get affected by this virus because scientists are still not able to find a vaccine for the virus and the virus is spreading rapidly day by day. During this tough time where people are already scared of the corona virus a man in china dies from a virus called hanta virus which is making people more worried.

From Where Did It Originate?

In November 1933, Its All Started when Hanlavirus cause the four corners outbreak was isolated. The special Pathogen Branch At CDC Used tissue from a  deer Mouse that had been trapped near the New Mexico home, a person who was suffering from this disease, at the laboratory this virus was discovered and confirmed .So In 1950s a cluster of 3, 000 United Nation troops  stationed in Korea was Struck By This Mysterious disease. The Hantavirus For They Very First Time Revealed in that Time.  After This Virus People start Panic from rats.

Do all mice carry Hantavirus?

No not mice carry this virus like house nice, roof rats and Norway rats have never been known to give HPS. This bit easy to say this that all mice it eats carry Hantavirus but avoid all wild rats and carefully clean up all the rodent urine dropping and nests near to your home.

In which animal this virus is found?

This Virus found in the Urine, saliva and dropping of Infected Deer Mouse and Other wild Rodent cotion rats / ice rats In the Southern Unites States and the White footed mouse and and the red back vole ), It Cause Rare but lung Disease Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome ( HPS).

How Many Cases of this virus?

In January 2017728 cases of hantavirus disease have been reported since surveillance in the United States began in 1993.

Hantavirus Disease Characteristics in the United States
Characteristic Number
Cases of hantavirus infection (HPS and non-pulmonary hantavirus infection), as of January 2017 728 cases
Patients ill with HPS (Sex) 63% Male
37% Female
Patients ill with HPS (Race) 78% White
18% American Indian
1% African American
1% Asian
Mean age of confirmed case patients 38 years (range 5 to 84 years)
Reported HPS cases resulting in death. 36%
Cases occurring in states west of the Mississippi River 96%

What Are The Symptoms Of This Virus?

The symptoms of this virus Appears in1 to 5 weeks. This Disease is very scary and extremely serious almost 40 Percent people who get this Disease, die. This Disease start in a body by flu illness in the very early stage and more by fever, chills, muscle aches, headache, nausea, vomiting and shortest of breath, rapid heartbeat and gastrointestinal problems, This Disease spread rapidly in the body to the level of abnormal fall in blood pressure and in lungs.

What Are The Precautions?

  • Seal The Hole Of Your House ( where the rat can enter )
  • Seal your food Dishes.
  • Cover The trash can rodent-proof lids
  • Clean wisefully the area where you see mouse dropping
  • Avoid vacuuming and sweeping.

What You Can Do Inside Your Home:

  • Keep food in thick plastic or metal containers with tight lids.
  • Clean up spilled food right away.
  • Wash dishes and cooking utensils soon after use.
  • Put pet food away after use. Do not leave pet-food or water bowls out overnight.
  • Keep garbage in thick plastic or metal containers with tight lids.

How Keep Mice And Rats Out Of Homes:
Some mice and rats can carry harmful diseases, such as HPS,Leptospirosis,lymphocytic choriomeningitis,plagueand typhus.The best way to protect you and your family from these diseases is to keep mice and rats out os your homes.

Hantavirus Life Cycle:
The genus Hantavirus resides in the family Bunyaviridae, a large family of over 300 viruses that infect animals, plants, humans, and arthropods (36100388). In general, hantaviruses are commonly referred to as Old World and New World hantaviruses due to the geographic distribution of their rodent reservoirs and the type of illness (HFRS or HPS) that manifests upon transmission to humans (382). Despite the differences in geographic locations and illnesses, the Old World and New World hantaviruses share high homology in the organizations of their nucleic sequences and exhibit similar aspects of their life cycles.

How Can HPS Prevented?

  • Keepmice and rats out of your home.
  • Clean up mouse and rats urine,droppings,and nesting materials with a disinfectant or a mixture of bleach and water.

Hantaviruses are enzootic viruses that maintain persistent infections in their rodent hosts without apparent disease symptoms. The spillover of these viruses to humans can lead to one of two serious illnesses, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome and hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome. In recent years, there has been an improved understanding of the epidemiology, pathogenesis, and natural history of these viruses following an increase in the number of outbreaks in the Americas. In this review, current concepts regarding the ecology of and disease associated with these serious human pathogens are presented. Priorities for future research suggest an integration of the ecology and evolution of these and other host-virus ecosystems through modeling and hypothesis-driven research with the risk of emergence, host switching/spillover, and disease transmission to humans.

A Global Perspective on Hantavirus by Colleen B.jonsoon.

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