Everyone using social media is familiar with these two names. However, very few of us know that these young girls have a different name on their identity cards. A few days back, the pictures of their CNIC went viral on social media and revealed their real identity. ‘

According to the national identity card, the real name of Hareem Shah is ‘Fizza Hussain,’ while that of Sandal Khattak is ‘Sandal Shamim’. Both the girls started making Tiktok videos with a fabricated name. Years old Hareem Shah was born in 1991, December 23rd. She was born in Nawab Shah, a town in district Mansehra. Her father’s name is ‘Syed Zarrar Hussain Shah.

Hareem has six sims registered on her name. While Sandal Khattak is from Panos Bala village of district Kirk. Her father’s name is ‘Hazrat Ali.’ Sandal Khattak was born in 1996, December 5th. Sandal got four mobile sims registered on her name.


Hareem and Sandal have successfully grabbed the attention of thousands of people. Their Tiktok videos went viral, and they soon get a huge number of followers. Not only this. They’re one of the most discussed names in Pakistan today. Many of the controversies are revolving around their names. A few years back, a Pakistani girl, ‘Qandeel Baloch,’ also sought the attention of thousands of people by creating different controversies. Harem and Sandal had also gained fame by dragging different political and media persons in their videos.

Let me take you to some of the controversies they’ve created.

TikTok video inside the foreign office

None of us can think of having access to the ministry of foreign affairs. But this sensational Tiktok star was not only allowed to reach the place but was also provided with permission to do a photo shoot there. In her videos and photos, she was found sitting on a chair that belongs to the foreign minister of Pakistan (Shah Mahmood Qureshi). As soon as the video went viral, people throw so much criticism on the matter. How on earth could an ordinary non-official figure be permitted to enter the office? You can see here roaming inside the conference room, Prime minister Imran Khan took the issue seriously and order to inquire the matter. We hope that investigation will soon ascertain how and why she was allowed to reach the consular only premises.

Hareem Shah was asked so many times that ‘who’s the big hand behind all this.’ The girl refuses to take any single name. In a talk with media, she said, “There was no one who helps me get there. I just reached the office and asked to meet Shah Mahmood Qureshi. No-one stopped me. When I entered the office, Shah Sahab was not there, so I asked a random person there to take my photos and videos. I never knew that people would make this a big hype. I was not aware of the sensitivity of the issue.” She further said, “How could I know that entering that place is against the premises when no one stopped me. I’m not called by any security or investigation agency, but I’ll face them once they call me. The video stimulates a storm on twitter with #hareemsah trending on number one.

The apology message from Hareem Shah’s father

A video by Hareem’s father is circulating in the town. The aged man apologizes on behalf of her daughter and burst into tears. The teary eyes of a father make everyone curse and speak evil of hareem.

Hareem’s father made a 12 minutes long video. In the beginning, he introduced himself as ‘Syed Zarrar Hussain Shah’ and owned Hareem Shah as his daughter. He said I’m short of words to beg apologies of all the people who get frustrated and offended by my daughter’s video. The man also seek apologizes from high officials and political persons who have been the victim of her daughter’s controversial statements and videos.

The pitiful father also said, “I’ve tried my best to do the best upbringing of her as a daughter. I sent her to a prestigious Islamic institute where she got an ALMA degree. But nothing becomes an obstacle to stop her from doing such shameful things. He also shows his concerns about the video in the foreign ministry, which had put the nation’s security on stake. He ended the video saying, “I pray for her to become Fizza Hussain again instead of hareem Shah.”


Twitter is flooding with the remarks of people about hareem Shah.

Federal Minister of Railway, Sheikh Rasheed- The part of the controversy

The fame seeker, Hareem Shah, came with another confession saying, “Sheikh Rasheed has committed Nikah e Mutta (a temporary nikah) with one of my closest friends. She claims to be an eye witness of this nikah. She said she wouldn’t take the name of her friend on any public platform. Hareem stated, not only he solemnize a nikah with her friend, but he also bought her a car and house.

To support her allegations and claims, she posted some Tiktok videos with him. The videos and statements create suspicions among the followers of the railway minister. She also leaks some shreds of evidence that are evident in her contact with Sheikh Rasheed on social media. The video gets viral in days and stirs a controversy against him. Sheikh Rasheed has yet to comment on the accusations.

People are pissed with her controversies and pour their opinions on social media.

A scuffle between Fawad Chaudhry and Mubashir Lucman

People lost their temper when a video of Fawad Chaudhry slapping Mubashir Luqman went viral.

The federal minister for science and technology was present on January 6th in a wedding ceremony of Mohsin Laghari, the son of Punjab’s irrigation minister. Chaudhry slapped Mubashir Luqman, a very senior journalist publically.

Fawad Chaudhry, in a talk with media, said Mubashir Luqman was proposing some false accusations against him in his YouTube videos. And he came to him on that marriage night and started demanding him to show the videos. Upon continuous refusal, when he did not step back, Fawwad ch loses his temper and treat him with a slap.

Hareem has become a threat to many public and political figures. She is right now the most discussed lady in the town.

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