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You indeed get ED with sake? Is it okay to drink on a date?
Is it correct that the information you see on the internet, such as “Alcohol lowers the level of male hormones,” and “You can’t get an erection if you drink too much alcohol?” Here, we will explain the causal relationship between drinking, male hormones, and ED (erectile dysfunction).
If the amount is appropriate, drinking is useful for ED!?
Testosterone is a representative androgen. Testosterone is a hormone involved in the production of muscles and skeletons, and at the same time, it is inevitable that if it decreases, it will lead to a decrease in ED and libido. However, while this hormone controls so-called “masculinity,” it is also known as a necessary hormone for “expressing yourself and asserting intent in the group.” In other words, testosterone is a hormone of increasing interest as a hormone related to human motivation. Super P Force and Super vidalista is a drug that helps eliminate premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction
I see information on the internet that this testosterone is reduced by drinking alcohol, but in fact, this is a lie. On the contrary, with the right amount of alcohol, both men and women can increase testosterone. Of course, if you continue to drink a lot of alcohol, ED may be adversely affected, but if you drink alcohol in the general range, there will be no problem. In other words, drinking too much doesn’t mean you can’t get an erection.
Is it okay to drink alcohol on a date?
There are also cases where people taking ED medications should not drink alcohol at all, which is also a mistake. A small amount or a proper amount is okay, and alcohol has a relieving effect, which can adversely affect erection. If you don’t know the appropriate amount, you should drink half the usual amount.
What should I do when taking ED treatment?
But again, this is just the right amount of alcohol. Taking an ED drug improves blood flow, so it quickly gets around liquor, making it easier for people to get drunk. Also, large intoxicating amounts of alcohol
adversely affects your erection, but any ED treatment will be ineffective before that. Therefore, if you want to feel the effects of ED treatment, be sure to refrain from drinking alcohol, or try to use a small amount and a proper dose.
However, some ED treatments are not easily affected by alcohol, so it may be useful to consult your doctor based on the above points.
Everyday lifestyle is more important than drinking itself!
Regarding ED, you should review the relationship with your daily lifestyle before worrying about alcohol.
This is because ED can be caused by damage to blood vessels caused by a lifestyle-related infection such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and dyslipidemia.
For example, the number of Japanese men with diabetes is estimated to be approximately 1.38 million, including those in the reserve army. I will. It can be said that diabetes is the disease with the highest incidence of ED among lifestyle-related diseases.
This is because erections are an elaborate involvement of the nervous and vascular systems. When diabetes keeps high blood sugar levels, nerves, and blood vessels are damaged, and ED symptoms occur because sexual stimulation is not transmitted to the penis, and blood does not flow. By the same mechanism, people with lifestyle-related diseases related to blood circulation, such as hypertension, dyslipidemia, and cardiovascular disorders, are more likely to have ED. Of course, smoking is one of the causes of ED.
Therefore, to maintain your erectile function, be extremely careful in preventing diabetes, which can be the cause of everyday life, and by reviewing lifestyle and smoking.
Closing Statement: Alcohol does not cause ED, but you can get the right amount!
It is clear that drinking does not result in ED, and conversely, a proper amount of alcohol is useful in creating an atmosphere and improving ED. However, the “appropriate amount” may vary from person to person due to differences in the person’s weight, sex, age, or the ability to decompose alcohol. Please enjoy your sake while keeping in mind your physical condition and “appropriate amount.”

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