Hot Rules: Summer Hair Care

Hot Rules: Summer Hair Car

Heat, dryness, ultraviolet rays, sea salt – all this can adversely affect the condition of the strands. We find out how to organize the proper curls in the warmer months to look perfect both in the office and on the beach!

The main enemies of hair in the spring and summer

Sadly, it is precisely those factors for which we love summer so much that harm our hair! At that moment, when we bask in the sun somewhere on a deserted beach, summer “agents” enter the battle – air, water and the sun. We will deal with each of them individually.


The warmed summer air is similar to that blowing from the hair dryer – dry and very hot. It acts in approximately the same way: it makes brittle curls, dries the ends, deprives the hair of the moisture they need.


There is nothing wrong with water in the water itself. But, for example, sea water is salty, and when dried on the curls, the smallest particles of sea salt remain. This, combined with hot air, also helps to deprive the hair of the necessary moisture, drying it out.


The sun not only heats the summer air, but also increases the level of ultraviolet radiation. Thus, just being in the fresh air, even in the shade, even with dry hair, is dangerous for curls.

What should be hair care in the summer at home?

Summer hair care should include many rituals that are not necessary in the cold. And the composition of the funds that we use in the summer is obliged to differ from the composition of winter care complexes.

We asked experts to give their recommendations for those who seek to maintain the beauty and health of hair even in the hot season.


Due to the aggressive external environment, hair cleansing in the summer should be as regular as possible and as gentle as possible. Choose shampoos with a reduced pH level – they do not dry out the curls so much, on the contrary, they soften them slightly.


In the summer, our diet changes – it increases the number of seasonal vegetables and fruits that contain a maximum of vitamins. The same approach is necessary for hair: choose nutritious fortified masks, and increase their use from once a week to two or three. Curls like it!


Moisturizing should be versatile: it is important to use a moisturizing conditioner balm, often rinse ringlets on hot days with plain water, and also drink plenty. So the hair will receive a sufficient amount of fluid both from the inside and outside.

SPF protection

Ultraviolet rays adversely affect the health of your hair, even if you prefer to spend time in the shade under an umbrella – anyway, under the UV exposure, the hair cuticle is gradually destroyed. Therefore, it is important to add at least one remedy with a high SPF protection factor to the ritual, for example, oil or cream.


All these measures will be enough if you spend the summer in the city and lead a normal lifestyle. If you plan to go to the coast, be sure to take care of restorative products, which are important to apply to curls after visiting the beach or swimming in the pool. It can be indelible spray or hair oil.

Salon Hair Care

Contact your salon master for one of these procedures: such beauty rituals will help protect your curls from the negative effects of the sun, salt water and hot air.

Keratin recovery

Curls are processed with a special composition with a high content of keratin. It fills the voids in the hair structure, providing a therapeutic effect. Hair becomes stronger and denser, resistant to external influences. Keratinization can be repeated once every 10 weeks, so a couple of procedures over the summer will be enough.

Elumen staining

This is a special staining with the transparent dye Elumen, the purpose of which is to “heal” and repair damaged curls, smooth the hair scales and fill the voids in its structure. A good procedure before the holidays – the effect lasts up to 4 weeks.

Biolamination of hair

The formula for this ritual is based on natural ingredients, for example, juice from a dandelion stem. Such a composition is applied to the hair and envelops it with a thin veil, which strengthens the curls and makes them resistant to environmental factors. It is noteworthy that the composition for biolamination can be tinted – you can add any fresh note to your hairstyle. Repeating the procedure is important every 6-8 weeks.

How to care for hair in summer: tips from professionals

Experts shared important rules for hair care in the hot season:

  • We give up traumatic rituals: in the summer it is better not to do perm or chemical straightening. The compositions for these procedures are too aggressive and, in combination with external factors, can greatly damage the hair.
  • It is better not to dye your hair in the heat. If you can’t do without staining at all, it is recommended that you limit yourself to staining the roots or use natural dyes – henna or basma.
  • It is better to clean the hair dryer, curling irons and the straightener for straightening in a distant locker before the cold weather. All these unit dry hair, and dryness is enough for them. Let the curls dry on their own in natural mode.
  • Do not forget about head massage: make it a rule to do a light three-minute massage while washing your hair in the summer. This stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles and provides hair with essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Hats in the summer are a must have in every girl’s wardrobe. Do not ignore hats and hats: they not only save you from getting a heat stroke, but also protect your hair from harmful sunlight.
  • Drinking regimen is important: not only for general well-being, but also for healthy hair! A sufficient amount of moisture will help them cope with dry air and a hot sun.
  • Choose a suitable vitamin complex for the skin and hair for the summer – the nutrition of curls should be provided not only from the outside, but also from the inside.

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