How to Lose Weight During Menopause

How to lose weight during menopause
Menopause is, without a doubt, a stage that every woman must face, whether she likes it or not! The hormonal changes that we suffer are inevitable, but a proper diet to lose weight during menopause and an increase in daily physical exercise will help us maintain the figure and not suffer from cardiovascular problems.
The more we know about menopause and climacteric, the more prepared we will be, and the better we will cope with it. Therefore, in this post, we will banish some myths and resolve those concerns that may concern us when this stage is approaching, or we are already in it. And above all, as we discussed in another post, menopause is not a disease!
Will I gain weight during menopause?
I wish the answer were no, but the reality is yes. The lack of estrogen slows down the metabolism and causes the body to burn less fat, which is why it tends to store it.
The accumulation of body fat is located mainly in the abdominal area instead of in the hips, which causes alterations in blood cholesterol levels. Total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol go up while HDL (good) cholesterol goes down. This alteration supposes an increased risk of suffering from cardiovascular problems.
Therefore, following a correct diet for menopause is the right way to prevent the increase in body fat.
Should I follow a very restrictive diet to lose weight and lose weight during menopause?
Not. If we want to lose weight during menopause, the solution is not to limit caloric intake and start counting calories like crazy. The key is to exercise to lose weight!
One of the big mistakes usually made in the menopausal stage is to follow super-restrictive and restrictive diets, where the only thing that matters is the number of calories we consume. We forget that to lose weight during menopause, it is not enough to take care of your diet, but it is also imperative to practice physical exercise.
The “I don’t stop all day!” not enough anymore. The body is used to that daily rhythm, so if we want to burn the accumulated fat, we must do something else. You have to put on your shoes and sweat your shirt because when you don’t sweat, you don’t burn!
What foods should not be missing in my shopping basket if I am over 45 years old?
Plant foods for their contribution of vitamins, minerals, and phytoestrogens (components of plant foods that resemble estrogen), among which spinach or alfalfa sprouts stand out, can be added to a vegetable cream.
Real whole grains, those that as the first ingredient contain whole grain flour from any cereal. Oat flakes, buckwheat pasta or wild rice, will provide us with fiber and lower cholesterol.
Foods are rich in calcium, such as dairy products, small bluefish, and green leafy vegetables, with which we will ensure the good health of our bones. The lack of estrogens reduces bone density and contributes to the development of osteoporosis (brittle bones).
Vegetable proteins, such as legumes, especially soybeans, which, thanks to their isoflavones, improve menopause symptoms. To do this, we must limit ourselves to consuming vegetable soy drink or soy yogurts and expand our variety and consume fermented ones (such as tofu, tamari, tempeh).
Healthy fats: virgin olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado, which, thanks to the vitamin E they contain, favor the production of estrogens. Super P Force, Super Vidalista which can treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation together
With age, the feeling of thirst decreases. Taking infusions will help us flavor the water and ensure proper daily hydration. Also, they are an excellent solution to combat fluid retention suffered during menopause.
Will I regain my figure after menopause?
Although each woman is unique, menopause (perimenopause and menopause) usually lasts about four years or so, although some symptoms can last even longer.
During this time, your goal should be to adjust your diet to reduce the increase in body fat and maintain the right level of physical activity to avoid excess weight and increased cholesterol. I mean, if we keep the weight down and don’t go up, it’s already a great achievement!
Once these four years have passed, it is not that we will regain the silhouette that we had before, but the body will respond better, and we will achieve our goals more quickly.
Starting to take care of yourself before menopause with these tips will be the key to success. A proper diet during menopause and increasing the rate of daily physical activity will help you maintain your weight, avoid being overweight during menopause, and not gain extra kilos, or suffer from cardiovascular problems.
Whether or not menopause has come in your life, remember that, from I Choose to Take Care of Myself, we can help you lose weight with our free online nutrition service and take advantage of it!

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