India is one of the important countries in the world and especially in Southern Asia. It is one of the powerful countries in South Asia. Its Neighboring countries are Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma, and Bhutan. The country has its great importance and is a member of the UN, SAARC, APTAP, and FATF.

There are also some common names used for this country such as Bharat, Hindustan. India presents himself as a Secular country in the world. It is secular in the sense that it has a great population that is a mix of many religions. Religions are Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christian, and many others also. All lives with peace and free in their activities relating to their religions.

India has good economic power and has all the lands that are very important. You will find desert, Agri lands, Altitudes, Sea and everything of nature. Most of the people attach to the profession of agriculture. From the last two decades, the industrial revolution starts in India. It is the world’s second large country by population.

It is the second large country in the world according to its population. Its current population is 1.35 Billion. You can call it is an important country that can affect the world through activities. India faces hard times by some issues. Religious issues are the main that disturbs whole the country.

It is common to listen to the fights between Hindu and Muslims. So for that reasons most of the time an unwanted condition remains in the country. We are here to explain to you the current situation of India and Highlight the reasons for these crises.

Current Issues in India

From the last two decades and especially from the current Prime Minister Modi India is in a bad crisis. Policies of his government are very hard and against the other communities who are not Hindu.

Modi,s government makes some hard decisions that invite alarming conditions. Muslim Hind issues always remain on the peak when he remains as part of the government. Here some important issue that needs to highlight.

Bad Relations with Neighbor Countries:

India is an Atomic Power and has good relations with the countries in the world. But its relations with China and Pakistan are not good. Both countries are atomic powers important in the region.

These countries are Pakistan and China but most one that popular as an enemy is Pakistan. Many of the Wars and issues always occurring between these countries. Sometimes good leaders try to resolve the problems but all in vain.

India and Pakistan Relations:

Before independence Pakistan and India were the same countries. But after independence, their relations always remain unhealthy from both sides. Both of the countries always remain active against each other in every field of life.

The current Government has most issues with Pakistan and tries to start war many times. In the current year, they attack Pakistan in February 2019. Indian Troops attacks on Pakistan and Indian Pilot Abhinandan also caught by Pakistan. Currently, all kinds of trade between these two countries are the bane. Both countries face a problem such as inflation due to these trade bane.

China and India Dispute:

China is the world’s Powerful country and the largest country in the world by population. Both Countries are opposing each other on all platforms. There are three military conflicts that occurred between these two. Currently in 2017 there also boundary issues arise and China attacks India. In the Result hundreds of Indian refuge killed.

The second Reason between These Countries is Pakistan. China and Pakistan are very close friends and support each other in all fields. China also supports Pakistan in Wars against India. India does not want that China keeps good relations with Pakistan. Nowadays very bad relations are between China and India.

Curfew in Occupied Kashmir

In May 2019 When the PM Modi takes over the charge of the government. Since that time he starts different actions against Muslims. The government takes the decision to pass a bill against territory right of occupied Kashmir. This bill passed in August 2019 and curfew starts in Kashmir.

Occupied Kashmir is a disputed area between Pakistan and India. But in 1947 India enter the Kashmir and make this part of India. But people of Kashmir are Muslim and they want to live with Pakistan. Before August 2019 Kashmiri people enjoy their separate identity. Kashmir was a Muslim state that affiliate with India.

Modi Government passes a bill in Lok sabha. Article 370 passed in the parliament of India. The Separate identity of Kashmir becomes obsolete and it becomes part of India like other states of India. For this Bill, Muslims records the appeals against Government.

Actions of the Indian Government

To stop these Indian Government deploys 11 hundred Thousand army men in the Occupied Kashmir. Curfew order issued in the whole Valley. There is still a curfew in the Kashmir and more than 10 million people are in poor conditions of life.

Pakistan and some other Muslim states take actions and also record their speeches against India But still no results. World Superpowers also request India to stop the Curfew but in vain. There are more than four months passed but Still Curfew in the Occupied Kashmir.

Many of the World Peace Agencies issue their reports against India and in Favor of Kashmiri People. But the Indian government not cares about anything and curfew still exists. Thousands of people put behind the bars. There is no medicine, no food and no milk for the babies. But no response from the government.

This Action makes the face of India as a dark spot. People of different countries make bad comments against India and the repute of India goes down.

Citizenship Amendment:

Current Unhealthy Situation held in India by this issue. people and students in all over the India record protest. They also record speeches against the Indian Government. Indian Government on 11 December 2019 passed Indian citizenship amendments. This Amendment arose many issues and many movements are now active across the country.

The base of this amendment is religion and only people who belong to Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Christian, Parsi allowed for citizenship. Those who belong to neighbor countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. These will not award citizenship of India.

According to this Bill Muslims that are the second large community in India are not eligible. By those Amendment people of all India become aggressive. Different instances of fights happening all over the Country. Unwanted Instances happened daily in the country. Nobody is safe when more out of home and even their house also not safe.

Fights between police and people reporting every day. University students Fight reports in all regions of the country. Especially many of the students hurt by police. Major protests recorded by Muslim Universities such as Aligarh Muslim University. Jamia Millia Islamia students also record a strong protest. and a strong fight between students and police reported. Many Causalities Reported in these instances.

Other Countries Response:

After the passage of this Act, many of the protests recorded. The main issue for the criticism on that bill is that it based on religion. Citizenship to people on the base of Religion criticized.

Countries such as America, Britain, France, Canada stop their citizens to visit India. Even the friend country Israel also stop their people not to visit India.

All countries criticize the Indian government. They also discourage to deal and invest in India due to this Unhealthy situation. India Separation Movements also another reason for this bad situation in India.

It is a very poor situation that a large number of instances report in India to rape the women. Many of the Instances reported forcing rape to local and foreigner women. India in different reports reported as an unsafe country for women. India is number one in rape with women.


As we discuss many of the issues held at that time in India that make this country unsafe to survive for minorities. Negative impact held. India faces too much loss. Foreigners hesitate to invest in such an unwanted situation. Investments and GDP disturbed in India. India becomes a place where you cannot even go for a visit. Very alarming situations and their results will also be very bad in the coming days. Protest in all parts of the countries reported on a daily base.


India is the World’s Second Largest country with 1.334 Billion Population. It has fertile lands and industries. It is available for all kinds of weather. Very Good Place to live and survive. But due to some problems that happened are darkening India’s face in the world.

India has not good relations with Pakistan and China. Many Wars reported where the main victims always remain in India. Many Separation Movements running in India.

Article 370 and 35A make unhealthy conditions in India and Occupied Kashmir. Kashmiri People are in bars and unsafe at their homes. Children and Women are unsafe. The army put people behind the bar and these are unsafe in their homes.

Another issue that disturbs the country. The government faces too much trouble across the country. The government passed on 11 December 2019 the Citizenship Amendment. This Act spoils the Peace of the country. Indian Government Support Hindus and working against Muslims.

Alarming Situation in India nowadays. Many of the protests recorded where statues of Modi burn during the protest. Police and people are face to face and daily causalities reported. Major countries not only criticize but also stop their citizens to visit India. The Indian economy also disturbs and goes down every day.

Major effective media and Human Rights Agencies criticizing India. It is very alarming for India to take correction otherwise things will out of control.

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