Iran is No more under the Atomic agreement 2015

Iran’s Government announces that they are no more bound to the Atomic agreement 2015. This action was taken on this Sunday after the killing of Iran Gen Qassem Sulemani by the American army.

An agreement signed between America and Iran and further P5 countries. In this agreement, Iran bounded that it will redesign its nuclear facilities. Iran will reduce these facilities. Tehran bounded under this agreement to lift all the nuclear activities.

Iran has also signed that agreement. They will bound to limit the Uranium production for nuclear weapons. The world powerful countries such as Germany, China, Russia, France, the United Kingdom. And the United States make this agreement with Iran.

They lose some restriction on the country that imposes international. But Iran was bound to limit its nuclear activities. Iran follows the agreement until the death of its Gen Qassem Sulemani. But at the time of death funeral, the Javid zareef announces that Iran is not bound to follow the rules. Rules that were set in the atomic Agreement in 2015.

When Agreement was starting to break?

Iran issue the statement that they are not more under the atomic agreement 2015. After the death of their General. But America steps forward and their president Donald Trump argues that Iran makes a deal on one side. But on the other side, Iran also violates the rules.

Donald Trump withdrew their country from the agreement. And also reimposes all the restrictions on the Iran oil sector. But Iran was still following and remains bound under the agreement. After the death of their General Iran also withdrew from the agreement.

When the U.S. withdrew from the agreement other members of the agreement try to alive the agreement. They also try to America to reduce the sanctions of Iran oil sector but no results appear.

Is Iran withdrew all nuclear rules under agreement 2015?

In the last year, Iran was ready to continue with the restrictions on its nuclear program. Iran was clear it will cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency. Following these rules, Iran also provides reports. Reports of the progress of their nuclear program shown to the other members of the agreement.

Iran also ensures that he will continue the deal. If other members such as Germany, France, and the United Kingdom support Iran. These members support Iran in Economic sector. If the policies and sanctions imposed by the United States were not taken back. Then Iran will also withdraw from this agreement.

In the last few months, Iran starts to breach the agreement. And install the new and also start the older units for generating Uranium.

Effects and Consequences of this Announcement:

Iran repeats the statement that America makes a big mistake by attacking their Gen Qassem Sulemani. Iran will take its revenge from America on their own land. This creates a big problem and situation in the world now become unstable by the action of these both countries.

Experts are criticizing the decision of the United States. They asking that there is no strong base evidence provided by the United States why they killed such an important official of the country. Donald Trump takes quick action that unwanted.

By their action, all the countries in the region affected and their economy also disturbed. Oil prices all over the world start to increase and also inflation and shortage of things start due to unstable conditions. Iran is in an angry mode and tries to take its revenge as quick as they can. They also try to target the American forces in Iraq.

Iran also withdrew from the nuclear agreement and in official announces that they are free from the agreement. They are now free in producing uranium and making nuclear bombs. This also makes the western countries’ economic conditions unstable.

People are predicting that may there are chances of war between Trump and the Iran government. Iran people also want the Head of Donald Trump at any cost. They also offer 80 Million dollars deal for this. With only one quick Action of America, the whole of the region becomes unstable.


On the third January 2019 Government of the United States take action. And killed an Iran General Qassem sulemani in an airstrike at Baghdad airport. This action becomes a great issue ever seen in history among Iran and the United States of America.

Iran threats America to be ready for their harsh action they will take their revenge from Trump. They also warn America that they will hit Washington. And its politicians in the United States. America on the other also ready for the fight and threats for an attack on Iran.

In response to that action, Iran Withdrew from the agreement that signed among Iran. And other powerful countries for the limitation of the nuclear program. But now Tehran official Javed Zarif issues the statement that Iran is no more bound under the atomic agreement 2015. They are free from all restrictions and they will start to make bombs and uranium.

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