Iran Offered 80 Million Bounties on Donald Trump Head Shoot

Iran announce\d 80 million dollar bounties on American President Donald Trump? It is a debate on different social media platforms all over the world.

With the death of Gen Qassem Sulemani the situation of the region changed. Iran and its people are angry and want revenge from America. Iran officially announces that they will take quick revenge from America. The Supreme Leader of Iran also promises to the nation that they will take the revenge of Qassem Sulemani, s blood.

But a new statement comes to listen on his funeral prayer that “A eulogist demands that we people of Ira collect money. Everybody of us will contribute only one dollar. We are 80 million people in Iran and it raises 80 Million Dollars. We will pay these 80 Million Dollars to them who will Kill U.S president Donald Trump and takes his Head”.

He also demands from the Government to announce this offer. But still, there is no official Government announces this offer for the Head of Donald Trump.

Many harsh responses facing from both sides. Tehran and Washington are face to face and issue statements against each other. But things are still in Control. But the situation is very dangerous if war starts between these two countries this war can convert in World War 3. It is the predictions of many of the experts on different platforms.

Iran Reaction on Gen Qassem Sulemani Death:

Qassem Sulemani was the second powerful person in Iran and has great influence in the region. He directly reports to the Supreme Leader. But American attacks in Baghdad on the vehicle of Qassem Sulemani. In this airstrike Gen Qassem Sulemani killed.

Iran warns America to be ready for their hard reactions. Iran’s MP Abolfazl Aboutorabi also issues the statement that they will attack American politics. He said that Iran has the power to hit Washington and they will respond to America with Hard reactions on their own land.

In response when Donald trump says they will also attack their cultural places. They said in Gen Qassem Sulemani funeral that Donald Trump is a terrorist. Iran also warns that if they hit the cultural places of Iran they will start a war and this war will be a third world war.

Iran with some reports attacks in Iraq on the U.S army. Four army troops including one general commander killed. Seven American vehicles and thirteen air-jet crashes in this attack.

U.S Response on Gen Qassem Sulemani Death:

Iran repeats that War has started between America and Iran. But America denied this and says they killed the Gen Qassem Sulemani to stop the war. They blame that Qassem Sulemani found to involve in the planning of killing American people.

He was the main person who planned all the attacks against American troops. The U.S also blamed that he was the person who involved in planning a great attack on the American army in Iraq. So for the safety of Americans, they killed him.

American Defense Minister Mike Pompeo also issues the same statement of the killing of Gen Qassem Sulemani. He says they were in the threat that an attack planned by the Gen Qassem Sulemani against American officials in Baghdad. He also added in his statement that he found involved in the killing of more the 600 American officials.

In response to the statements of Iran President of U.S issue another harsh statement. He says that the U.S will hit 52 places that are very important for Iran people according to their culture. He says Iran killed our people than why we cannot hit their cultural places.

Everyday harsh statements exchange between both countries. Some reports come to see that America also attacks in Iraq on Iran. Further, five people killed.


American Attack on Iran changes the climate of this region. In all parts of the world one story discussing on each media platform. Newspapers, TV and social media all are talking about America and Iran. Both Countries attacks on each other by issuing statements against each other. Iran warns America about its revenge attack. America also warns Iran that if they make further attack America will hit its important places.

All statements are official true but one new statement that Iran Offers 80 million Bounties on American President Donald Trump Head shoot is not an official statement. It is a demand for the funeral of Gen Qassem Sulemani by An eulogist who asks that 80 million people raise a fund of 80 million dollars and will pay to him who will take the head of Donald Trump. He also requests the Government to announce but still, no official announces that statement.

But it is time to consider that a very alarming situation raise in the region and some experts predict that this fight may lead to World War 3.

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