Key to a long lasting relation – keeps things alive outside the bedroom too

There is always so much hype about the satisfaction and joy inside the bedroom. You
find articles giving tips on how to keep the fire burning and to feed the desires in bed. But how
about working on the actual relationship? It takes two people who have a heart, feelings and also
a brain plus a LIFE. One cannot deny that what happens inside the bedroom is important and the
fire should definitely keep cracking. But the same amount of hard work also needs to be done for
building a relationship that lasts as strongly beyond the walls of your bedroom. Some of the most
important things that you need to consider include:
1) Say “I love you” and mean it
No matter what stage of the relationship it is, you definitely need to be reminded that you
are loved and so does your partner. The feelings at hearing the words ‘I love you’ never
get out of touch. You have to mean it when you say those words and your partner will
know that it is all true. Everyone at some point needs reassurances and they need to be
reminded about love. So, you need to say it out love and with all the meaning and
passion that you have, remind your partner that you love them, and do it often.
2) Help each other and allow your partner to help you
It is important not to be a ‘control freak’. Let your partner be involved in your matters and
take the initiative to help your partner in their work. You might not be the best source of
help for their work, but your concern and care is what they need to keep going. Life can
get tough at times and you need to make sure that you do not leave your partner alone in
the tough times. Be there for each other. Also, let them help you. Never say “you will not
understand this” or “you cannot help me here” because it not only hurts, but it kills the
spirit of being together. Let your partner do the best they can believe me, it will make

them happy and in the long run, you will have many reasons to smile about the
the unconditional love you receive.
3) Smile when you see your partner
Never let the excitement and happiness die down. Every time your partner walks in
through the door, smile at a time. Make them feel that you missed them and that seeing
them brightens your day. Also, they might have had a long hard day and your smile
might just relax them.
4) Pay attention to the little things
The little things can turn out to be the actual big things in the long run. You need to pay
attentionattention to the little things like your partner’s likes and dislikes, their favorite food, TV
show, or even their evening rituals. Find the time to enjoy the togetherness and do things
together to develop more things in common and make more memories.

Overall, you need to ensure that your relationship remains to be healthy in the long run. As for
what happens inside the bedroom, well! There is no harm if you take it outside the bedroom at
times. Once you both are close and comfortable enough, you can even make out on the couch in
the TV room while watching your favorite TV show together. There is so magic trick or no
shortcut, you need to make the efforts and do it genuinely, with love.

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