Nowadays electronic media plays a huge role in the lives of people. Especially during this lockdown going on to prevent outbreak of corona virus, people need something engaging to distract their minds at home. At this point, Prime Minister Imran Khan order Urdu dubbing of a Turkish web series “Dirilis Ertugrul” which is currently going on-air on PTV home. Previously Turkish historical Dramas such as “Mera Sultan” and “Kosem Sultan” also gained massive popularity in Pakistan but “dirilis Ertugrul’ crossed them as it wins the hearts of people. It is currently being displayed in 60 countries.
Ertugrul is a Turkish historical drama that depicts the reign of Muslims at 13th Century. The main character Ertugrul was the father of “Osman”; founder of Ottoman Empire. Ottoman Empire was the mightiest and powerful state rules by Muslims that occupied much of the land from 14th century to early 20th century. This drama highlights the role of Islam in the lives of Muslims at that time and how they obeyed the teaching of ALLAH and Prophet Muhammad (SAW), that led to their success and they ruled the world. Dirilis Ertugrul is also on Netflix as well as PTV home and has 3 to 5 seasons currently.

This Drama is the latest craze of people in Pakistan as they can connect themselves with the history of Muslims. In these crucial times when morale of people is falling down by staying uselessly at home, such type of dramas on television play a very productive role. Many people who are fond of Netflix , went to see this drama after PM Imran Khan recommended this season as a must watch for Pakistanis, and it turned out as something really amazing. Every other person in Pakistan is currently obsessing over the latest Turkish series and most of them are binge watching it.
Ertugrul is taking over all the social media as well; we can see that a lot of Pakistani celebrities are also expressing their views on this drama as a lot of celebrities have approved this series as a must watch for their fans. The drama is also trending number one on twitter with a lot of people discussing it over social platforms.

Now that we see the craze of people for this drama, the actors playing lead roles in the drama are also being followed now on their social media accounts by a lot of Pakistanis. Lead role of Ertugrul played by ‘Engin Altan Duzayatan’ and Halima Sultan played by ‘Esra Bilgic’ are also gaining immense popularity after this series. It is seen that their social media accounts have a huge rise in following as people from all over the world especially Pakistan are loving the characters played by these actors. The Drama also has other main characters such as Suleiman Shah played by ‘Serdar Gokhan’, Gundogdu played by ‘Kaan Tasaner’ and Hayme Khatun played by ‘Hulya Darcen’

Ertugrul ghazi is just a perfect hero people want to watch and idealize. He fights bravely and protects his family. He is also responsible for his tribe and is always on the front line to take an action for his beloved ones. He is quick witted and knows how to play with opponent’s mind. Such a Hero is very inspiring for kids and young people as they connect themselves with him. Women in this drama are not ordinary women but most of them possess strong characters such as Hayme Sultan and Halima Sultan. They support their males as well as manage the household chores. Such types of characters are very inspiring and influential for the audience.
Muslims had a very bright past and they were ruling the world until they had their downfall in 20th Century. Ottoman Empire was dissolved and Muslims who once were ruling the world were now slaved to other nations. Nowadays, Muslim world need to awake its sleeping spirit in order to rule the world again. We need to follow the footsteps of our forefathers who struggled hard for the dignity of Muslims and Islam. At such time dramas like Ertugrul which depict the bright and powerful past of Muslims are important to spread awareness among youth. It happens to be different from those love stories and technological British dramas that we watch often.


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