Lookalike Audience: Useful Tips for Quality Profiling

To optimize your ADV campaigns on Facebook you must take advantage of the possibility of profiling the Lookalike audience, or a target with characteristics similar to your original audience. that’s how

Creating a Lookalike audience for your Facebook advertising campaign is an excellent opportunity to intercept new potential target customers starting from your targeted audience.

To do this it is not necessary to have who knows what background of knowledge: creating such an audience is extremely easy. However, it is useful for you to be aware of what we are talking about and to know which are the best practices to be put in place to avoid some common errors.
Lookalike Facebook (or similar audience): what it is and how it works

There are several strategies for advertising on Facebook . First of all, it is good to specify that the Lookalike public is something more complex than that composed by the profiling of the users interested in your business, or your home audience. It is, in a nutshell, an audience that has similar characteristics to the audience that has already interacted with your brand through, for example, a like.

The Lookalike audience is called, in fact, similar audience and shares common features with your audience source, such as the demographic information and the interests .

When you go to set up a Lookalike audience , Facebook crosses various data, based not only on basic info and interests, but also on interactions and views, so as to find more or less close correlations with your original users.

The preconditions for creating a Lookalike audience

In order to create such an audience, it is clearly necessary to start from a personalized audience, which you previously obtained, for example, from a list of emails or telephone numbers (to be uploaded in csv format), by the users who on your site have added to the cart or purchased your product, from followers and interactions on the page, or from users who viewed the videos on your page.

It is therefore important that your original audience is quality and perfectly profiled , so that the Lookalike audience that will come out of it can be performing and lead to conversions. For example, if you create a Lookalike on Facebook starting from an audience that visits your website in a generic way, it will certainly be less performing than a Lookalike audience created starting from people who have actually purchased your product or service.

To create a quality Lookalike it is also necessary that your page has at least 100 fans in the original audience . It is even better to have a personalized audience of a thousand people, as Facebook will have more data available to find a similar audience.

Another tip is to avoid using an overly old customer audience: if the people in your home audience were registered with you months or years ago, they may currently be too far from the perfect customer model for you. Instead, use the Facebook Pixel , which automatically updates its memory every 180 days for people who have, for example, purchased on your ecommerce.
Creating a Lookalike audience

To create a Lookalike audience and set up a data driven marketing campaign , follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Ad Management
2. Select the Tools menu and click on Public
3. Select Create Audience and click on Similar Audience
4. Select the source audience and the place for your Lookalike audience , which does not necessarily have to be the same as the previous one
5. Select the size of your similar audience (the lower the percentage, the more the audience will be similar to the original one).

Regarding this last step, consider the size of your audience: if your audience is made up of a hundred people, it does not make sense to select such a very large audience.

Now that you know how to activate your ADV campaign on Facebook a Lookalike audience , you just have to try. Then tell us about your experience.

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