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Ultimate Guide to Camp in Mt Cook


           Do you have any idea how many people visit Mount Cook Daily?

Well, there’s approximately 417,000 people visited the park every year.

But some people being confused while choosing Camp in Mt Cook. They have many options to choose but they want cheap and best.

That’s why we are discussing here about the Best places for Camping in Mt Cook, New Zealand. Mount Cook is the most beautiful place for Camping. At the present time, the height of the mountain is 3,724 along with 23 peaks. It is a popular tourist destination, and it is located in the Southern Alps. The Mount Cook mountain is situated in the Mount Cook National Park, in the Canterbury region. World-class mountaineer with years of experience, love this place because of the Ultimate peaks of this mountain. A few things that make you a professional climber is, a bit of fitness, proper outdoor wear and a sensing techniques of adventure. The most amazing things that you can do at MT cook is hiking, Breathtaking viewpoints and starry night sky and, etc.
How to Reach at Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park
There is a one-way road for In and out to visit the Mount Cook National Park is State Highway 80. This Highway is known for one of the most attractive and pleasant view on the south island. There are 2 towns nearly to this destination is Tekapo, which is 105km away and Twizel is 65km away. At these places, you can wait for some time and can fill your backpacks with food, water, and other necessary items and can refuel your vehicles.

Wherever you reach at the Mount Cook National Park. you will see the most tremendous view. There’s a small village with few hotels, with a busy campsite ground. Here all the facilities will provide on the basis of first-come-first-serve. Here you can also buy from a small convenience store in the village. But the prices are very high.
Mount Cook Camping Sites
Tasman Glacier’s terminal lake
Dreaming of seeing a glacier in front of your eyes is everyone’s dream for once in a life. You can do it during your visit to Mount Cook Village. And walking towards the beautiful Tasman Glacier terminal lake will help you to see the exceptional views of the glacier and the mountains around the lake. You can see and touch icebergs of every shape and size and you can even taste ancient glacial crystals. So, Don’t miss this unique experience. And book your trip to this beautiful destination.

Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre
The Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre is a set of 126 theatre and planetarium, which is totally unique in the world. It is a tribute to Sir Edmund Hillary, who is one of the world’s most noteworthy pioneers, for the Aoraki Mount Cook area and its kin. When entering the theatre, you will find a small museum showcasing the history of the Mount Cook region and learn something more about the extraordinary place you’re visiting.
Mueller Hut
Mueller Hut comes in those places that are hard to reach but, as soon as you reach up there, you can feel every second of the way you walk to reach up there is probably worth it. The hut is a well-deserved place to rest and meet like-minded adventurers, relax whilst enjoying the impressive views, and have a great meal. apart from it. you can stay here overnight if you’re too tired to go back. you will probably make some friends and wake up early in the morning to see the most wonderful view you haven’t seen before. how good it sounds to hear it?

The track leads up the Hooker Valley and along the Hooker River, finishing at the icy mass lake, where there are astonishing perspectives on Mount Cook on a crisp morning. In the middle of the way, you will cross three swing bridges and experience alluring ice sheets, ice sheets and lofty mountains that will make them go after your camera every step of the way.

Kea Point
The Kea Point Track is the shorter walks in Mount Cook National Park that offers good views of Mount Sefton, Mueller Lake, and Mount Cook. Kea Point Track is one track that has the easiest trails you can do in Mount Cook National Park that offers nice mountain and lake views. At the end of the trail, there is a platform where you can stand and enjoy the attractive views of Mount Sefton, Mueller Lake, and Mount Cook.
Things to do or Activities in Mount Cook
A visit to Mt Cook National Park is an absolute must. Made out of a convincing blend of spiked pinnacles and cold excellence, this is a spot to find a fortune trove of common attractions. Here is a portion of the exercises you can do on Mount Cook.
The extraordinary thing about Mt Cook National Park is that it includes heaps of climbing open doors for all wellness levels. Those people groups with a low-moderate degree of wellness are ruined for decision with regards to short strolls. A few paths are there around Mt Cook Village just as simple climbs that will carry you decent and near the recreation center’s Tasman Glacier.
Mountain/Rock climbing
Ascending New Zealand’s tallest mountain, Mt Cook is a mountain dweller’s training section. Sir Edmund Hillary himself made it his crucial scale the mountain before leaving a mark on the world on Mt Everest. On the off chance that you have all the correct data yet would prefer not to do things solo. at that point, neighborhood guides accessible for mountain and rock ascending undertakings over those unforgiving territories.
Horse Riding
A horseback trek will make for a significant encounter. Contingent upon your picked riding visit, you may get the opportunity to see a greater amount of those dazzling lupins to survey the lovely Southern Alps from a totally different point of view.
A boat tour of the magnificent Tasman Glacier
Terminal lake is acclaimed for being one of a bunch on the planet to contain a group of drifting chunks of ice – a wonder that has been realized by the ice retires normally tearing from the ice sheet itself. With such a tremendous separation and intriguing developments on appear, any reasonable person would agree that pontoon visit is the ideal method to recall the wonderful ice sheet and the hazy blue waters that encompass it.
Watch the sunset
By the day’s end, it’s the national park’s landscape that will make the excursion one to treasure until the end of time. In this way, sit on the barbed shores and polish things off by watching the sun as it hides itself from the amazing snow-capped reaches you’ve been so diligently exploring on your movements.
As previously mentioned, Mount Cook Village is a little spot for the quantities of Visitors, visits each late spring. Also, it is completely reserved consistently in the climbing season. In the event that you were late to book your Accommodation at Mount Cook Village. At that point, Don’t stress. Here you will get the arrangement of your concern. As all of you know above I revealed to you that, there are 3 all the more communities that were held at state interstate 80. Which is close to the Mt Cook National Park. both the town are not a lot of advantageous, yet at the same time, an extraordinary spot to remain and investigate nature’s magnificence.
Twizel Town
Twizel is a little and obscure town just outside of Mount Cook National Park. It just takes a 45-minute drive to Mount Cook and convenience is a lot less expensive than in the recreation center. As I would see it, it’s the second-best alternative if being near the recreation center is the thing that issues most. Simply after won’t get the convenience at Mount Cook Village

On the off chance that you are anticipating investing the vast majority of your energy in Mount Cook National Park then Twizel is a decent choice.
Lake Tekapo
Lake Tekapo is another extremely famous spot to visit on New Zealand’s South Island. This community is arranged on the edge of Lake Tekapo – seemingly New Zealand’s most excellent lake. From Mount Cook Village it takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes to drive to Lake Tekapo. Aside from other goal, Twizel. There are a lot of astounding things you can do in Lake Tekapo, for example, swim in the lake, meander the lupins, visit the Church of the Good Shepherd, and so on. Lake Tekapo is only a dazzling spot to remain.

The issue with Lake Tekapo is that it is additionally famous for Mount Cook Village and as I would see it a stop alone.
Omarama Town
There is one more option is available. where you can stop and can drive for an hour from Mount Cook village to reach the small town Omarama. Usually, this place is just to stop for fuel. This town is might close than Mount Cook from Lake Tekapo. Accommodation is also cheaper too. And you don’t have to book in advance. But be sure to book as soon as possible. This town also has its own attractions like- Omarama Hot Tubs. where you can wash up encompassing naturally and looking out at the delightful Southern Alps.
All of the things above I have listed in my blog are possible to do in the winter as well as in summer also. However, there can be avalanche risks on tracks such as the Mueller Hut trail during the winter. So the best thing that you can do is check with the Department of Conservation about the current conditions and risks before you leave. And I recommend you to carry warm clothes, gloves, and a hat. The temperature in Mount Cook National Park is very cold in the winter.

Mount Cook National Park is such a special place in New Zealand. And many things you can do in Mount Cook. and all are really amazing in their own way and regardless of the ones you choose to do, I ensure that you love this amazing place and always remember the amazing time you spend. and will want to visit again sometime soon.

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