Online shopping! Is it worth spending your money on or not?

Online Shopping is an activity which performs on internet. This is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumer to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the internet using a web browser. When an online store is set up to enable business to buy from another businesses the process is called business-to-business (B2B) online shopping.

How did Online Shopping Originate?

It was originated in 1979 when Michael Aldrich used Teletext (AKA Videotext) a two-way message service which revolutionized business. Then in 1981 the first business-to-business transaction was done by with Thomson holiday’s from the UK.

In 1982, the new online services Mintel was introduced which was accessible by phone lines. It was used make online purchase, book train tickets, chat, check stock prices etc.

So in 1984 the first ever shopper buys online at a Tescos store.

In 1990 Tim Benerslee created the browser and web server.

Internet became commercialized and saw the birth of e-commerce in 1991. Amzaon started selling online book and eBay was founded by Pierre Omdiyar. Today Amazon and eBay Grown So Much that they are available online throughout the World.

After the success of Amazon and eBday many competitors enter the market of online shopping within few years.

In 1998 Paypal Was Founded

As a timepass by online e-commerce as became a routine and we cannot imagine the world e-comme.

Although the number of online sales, products and services has exploded, nothing fundamental has changed much.

Into the now bring on crypto currency and the blockchain.

We are now seeing crypocurrency being adopted more widely. Up until now mostly for investment in purposes, but soon we will be able to spend crypto currency instead of Fiat.

Once of the biggest challenges with crypocurrency is the ability to turn it into a spend able currency. Exchange rates, charges and taxes make it expensive and challenging to do so, often leading to it being uneconomically viable.

The good news is that we are seeing more and more companies offering their wares to crypocurrency holders.

As example of this travel agents to gift voucher sellers.

Twi major players in this field are Travelblock and Zeex.

Some examples of Online Stores:

  • Amazon :, online retailer, manufacturer of electronic book readers, and Web services provider that became the iconic example of electronic commerce. Its headquarters are in Seattle, Washington.

MostMost people don’t know that you can ship stuff to Amazon’s warehouse and have them simultaneously store it and offer it for sale to their customers. — Sounds cool, right?

Advantages of Purchasing Amazon Product:

Trust and Creditibility:

Due To Popularity of Amazon a new customer would be moree comfortable to make purchases rather than purchase from unknown website.

  Good Infrastructure:

Means everything from inventory tracking to tax collection to credit card processing is possible with Amazon’s platform.No need to figure out how to do all the setup yourself.

Disadvantages of Purchasing Amazon Product:

  • Fake reviews for a lot of products make them sound really good. Look at the time they were all written, if it’s all within 2–3 days, that’s a big red flag.
  • A lot of cheapo and knockoff products do not look the same in real life as they do in posted pics. Thankfully, you can usually return them.
  • SomeSome items are actually not very well priced. It’s really tempting to assume that everything on Amazon is a good deal vs. a local store or other sites, but it’s not always true. If you don’t know what the going price for a particular item is, you should still do comparison shopping.
  • eBay :
  • EBay was launched in 1995 as an online platform that permitted efficient peer-to-peer trading in an auction format. (Daniels, John D., Radebaugh,Lee H., Sullivan, Daniel P., 2007) The online auction site provided a space on the internet for people to buy, sell, and trade any multitude of items from almost any category imaginable. As for the business itself, the beauty of it is that eBay has no inventory, storage, transportation or production costs associated with their product. The product is simply providing the environment on the web for people to auction their goods. The concept can be thought of much like an electronic garage or yard sale where for a small fee, people can post their items on eBay. 

Advantages of buying eBay Products: 

  • The main advantage of buying on Ebay is the convenience. You can browse on Ebay in your own time to look for the products you want, and you can get your purchased products delivered right to your door step.
  • Anyone can shop and purchase what they need from Ebay. Today, just about every household has internet access, so anyone buy on Ebay.
  • Ebay brings a wide range of the products you want to buy on one website, and you can browse for these products and select what you want in your own time. This means that you can compare prices and pick the exact products you need.
  • Buying on Ebay is easy and fun!

Disadvantages of Buying eBay Products:

  • The first disadvantage of buying on Ebay is that you can’t touch and have a feel of the products you buy. This means that when the product is delivered to you, it may not be exactly what you expected. Unlike in a real store, you can’t try the product for sale on Ebay before buying them.
  • There is an element of risk associated with buying on the internet. Because you can’t see the person selling to you, it can be risky to buy on Ebay. Some sellers may not provide accurate and detailed information about the products they sell, and you end up getting an unpleasant surprise when the products are delivered to you.
  • Buying on Ebay can be expensive if you have to pay for shipping the products. If the products are bulk or heavy, you may end up paying high shipping fees.

Ali Express:

We’ve already heard about Amazon and eBay But What Is Ali Express?

Aliexpress was launched by Alibaba Group in 2010 as a B2C platform for Chinese companies to sell to foreigners.

As internet usage continues to rise more and more consumers are shopping online for new products and better prices. This has led to an increase in international ecommerce as people look beyond their own country’s border for that bargain.

With China’s role as “the world’s factory” firmly established, the website Aliexpress is helping consumers buy directly from source at very attractive prices.

Advantages of Dropshipping from Aliexpress

Buy Products For Cheap

Many of the items on Aliexpress are sold and shipped directly from China. Aliexpress sellers also have the option to provide free shipping worldwide – so you do not have to calculate the cost of shipping into the price markup of your listed product, or have it calculated during the checkout process.

This could really a positive effect on your profit margin as your cost per item is significantly more competitive than if you were to source products from other local suppliers with various shipping rates based on region.

Disadvantages of Dropshipping from Aliexpress

Much Longer Shipping Times

While some sellers on Aliexpress may provide free shipping, the turnaround time very much varies anywhere from 1 week to 30 days, or even 60 days, to have the order shipped to your customer. All products on Aliexpress are sourced and shipped from manufacturers in China.

Turnaround time for orders is truly a large factor in serving your customers through the eCommerce space, and what Aliexpress makes up in price, they certainly do not make up for in faster shipping times.

Returns or Exchanges Become a Hassle for the Buyer

Since all products on Aliexpress are sourced and shipped from China, it becomes a real hassle to return your customer’s order to the original seller. The original seller may offer a small refund for the customer to keep the product – as taking the return and shipping the product would be more costly and take too much time.

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