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Digital parenting is very important these days because youngsters have got plenty of bad habits over the years that can put them into trouble. Nowadays, children own mobile devices connected to the internet. They used to of using social messaging apps to send and receive free text messages, text conversations, audio-video calls, and voice messages.
They use the instant messaging apps features to stay in touch with family, friends and the people online. The interaction with the unknown people could be risky and they can lead them towards real nightmares.
The kid’s addiction to mobile devices and social messaging apps has scared parents. Therefore, parents are continuously in the search for securing kids from bad habits. Before, we discuss the tool to get the job done we are going to tell you what sort of bad habits young children have adopted in the digital age.
Children adopt bad habits online using a mobile device
When it comes to kid’s cell phone activities parents have become insecure because they are interacting with strangers. The stranger danger is always there because online predators are on the rise such as online bullying, stalkers, and sexual predators.
Furthermore, every young child has experienced bullying once or twice and could be repeated. However, we have seen plenty of cases in the news that child abuse is happening when someone has target young child online and then abuse someone in real –life.
Young teens get access to adult browsing activities, sexual hookups online or by using online dating apps. All the activities of young teenagers have proved that mobile devices have become X –rated theater.
How to secure your kids from bad habits online?
We all know that online activities are mostly performed by the children on their handsets connected to the internet. That’s why we have to get our hands on such a technological tool that empowers parents to monitor their online activities likewise adoption of bad habits. We have come up with TheOneSpy that is an ultimate tool to secure your children from bad habits online. Let’s get to know how to get and use this tool to make sure children online safety.
Subscribe and Install TheOneSpy on kid’s phone to secure kids from bad habits
Now use your mobile web browser and get access to the webpage of the TOS cell phone tracking app. Once you are on the webpage then get the license following the operating system of the target device. Now check your email and get the passcode and ID.
Now get physical access on the target device and start the process of installation and activate it on the target device when you have done with it properly. Furthermore, use the credentials such as passcode and ID and get access to the online control panel and you can get your hands on a feature that empowers you to secure your children from bad habits online. Let’s get to know about the powerful tools to get the job done.
Browsing activities
You can use the web portal of TheOneSpy and get access to the target cellphone browser and get to know all the visited websites, and bookmarks with a complete time stamp.
You can schedule plenty of screenshots with a single tap on the web portal features tab and start capturing screenshots and send them to the online dashboard. You can see the web portal and get to know about the activities if children.
Screen recorder
You can use the electronic web portal and further you can get access to the features and activate live screen recording on android. It will start the recording of the screen and record short videos of the screen back to back and deliver the recording to the web portal. You can see all the activities of your child live likewise social messaging app activities, browsing activities, text messages, and multimedia sharing to strangers.
Remote monitoring
The end-user can remotely get access to the web portal and you can remotely see all the installed applications. Furthermore, you can block text messages of children to strangers, block incoming calls, and block the internet access on the target device if they are getting involved with the bad online habits.
TheOneSpy cell phone tracking app is the best and ultimate tool that empowers you to monitor all the activities happen on the target device of your child and enable you to prevent kid’s bad habits.

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