Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism means that when people travel and stay in different places other than their own environment. The purpose of your travel and stay in various places not should for business or other domestic purposes. But the time of your stay not more than a consecutive year.

Tourism Industry has great importance in all countries. But the countries that are rich in natural sceneries are benefiting more. Countries that have historical places also gain profit from this industry. The tourism industry contributes to the GDP of any of the countries.

With the modernization many new fast and advanced means of conveyance available. These make traveling easy. Hoteling business increasing its importance and there are available many of the hotels to stay. Both facilities make tourism more charming.

Benefits of Tourism to Individuals:

When people bored with their routine activities they like to travel and stay in different places. They always prefer to visit places that are historical or rich with natural scenery. Nobody can ignore the importance of tourism.

While you travel it will explore new cities and countries. This will also explore your vision and understanding of various cultures and countries. You may also come to know about the people and their traditions living in different regions of the world.

While you tour the other places your boring and tension release. You change your mind and enjoy new things that you see and experience. It completely changes your mindset and makes you fresh and relaxes. You forget all your worries and spend your days with happiness.

It not juts relaxes you but also increase your knowledge. More things your visit more your knowledge about world nations’ history increase. You become able to understand the climates and natural beauties of different parts of the world.

Tourism and Pakistan:

Pakistan is an under Developing country and resources are less as compared to other countries. From the decades there was no more progress in the Tourism industry. But from the last two decades, it creates sense in the government to promote that sector. There is a need to promote the tourism industry because it can contribute more than other industries in the country’s GDP.

The tourism industry starts growing from the year 2010 in Pakistan. Pakistan has become a big place for the tourist because it is rich with natural sceneries and historical places. Pakistan is a country that has great geographic and ethnic diversity. There available number of historical and cultural places that attract tourists towards them.

Government Initiatives:

Pakistani Government realizes the importance of the Tourism industry. It takes the necessary initiatives to promote this industry. The first action taken by the government is that they open the places. The government issues no-objection certificate to visit places to foreigners.

After the earthquake in Azad Kashmir in 2005, the government takes notice of that industry. Pakistani government starts helping the industry and provide all the necessary support. They provide the list for the foreigners of the top five places to visit. These places include Lahore, lake Saiful maluk, Karim Abad, Naran and kaghan, and Karakoram highway.

A campaign started in the year 2007 for promoting Pakistanis cultural heritage “Visit Pakistan”. In this campaign, many of the events held such as regional sports events, folk festivals, crafts shows, religious festivals, and historical museums.

In 2019 Pakistani Government make it simple for the Tourist to apply for the Tour Visa. Now the people from all over the world from 175 countries can online apply for the tourist visa. While in the past Visa can only get from Pakistan Embassies. This also impacts in a positive way.

Contribution in GPD of Pakistan:

The tourism industry contributes to the GPD of Pakistan. Report that in 2015 direct contribution in the GDP was US$ 328.4 million. It was 2.8 percent of the total GDP of the country. While in 2016 it increases and contribution was US$7.6 billion. This was 2.7 percent of the GDP.

In 2018 More than 50 Million tourist travels in the country. These tourists belonged to the United Kingdom, China, India, and the United States. The government hopes that in 2025 their GDP contribution by this industry will increase by up to 1 trillion rupees.

The government provides all the supporting facilities and easy terms for visa and visit Pakistan. Pakistan is a beautiful land that has lands, deserts, glaciers, sea, river, and mountains. Four weather exist in Pakistan.

Reports about Tourism in Pakistan:

With the promotion of that industry in Pakistan, it has gained great importance. While ranking the countries in Tourism British Backpacker Society report that Pakistan is the world’s top adventure place to travel. This society also supports by comments that Pakistan is one of the friendliest countries on the earth. Many of the awesome natural sceneries and cultural-historical places are there to visit. Pakistan is the place beyond anybody’s wildest imagination.

In the year 2019 one other report that gains a positive impact on the Pakistan tourism industry. Forbes ranks Pakistan as one of the coolest places in the world to visit and stay. World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism also added comments about Tourism in Pakistan. They report as Pakistan is in the top 25 percent of the world destinations for the heritages sites. Important heritages in Pakistan are Indus Valley civilization, Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa and Indust Delta.

In 2019 lord family members of Great Britain Prince and princess visits Pakistan. They Spend days and enjoy well in Pakistan. They like Pakistani people, places and cultures.

Places to Visit in Pakistan:

Pakistan is a country that is rich with Natural beauty and Historical places. There are many attractive places that attract the tourist towards them. Pakistan is a safe and friendly country for tourists. Pakistan has five provinces and all provinces have important and natural places. These places are very attractive and appeal to visitors. We will high light the places in detail in each province.


Punjab is the main province of Pakistan. It is the largest province by population and the second one by area. This province has great importance for tourism. There you will find cultural heritages and religious diversities. Great old cultural Civilizations such as Indus Valley Civilization, Gandhara and Harappa are in this province.

Indus Civilization is available in Harappa near Lahore. Gandhara Civilization is available in Taxila in the northern areas of Punjab. Some other important Civilizations that found are Greeks, Persians, Central Asians. These all rule in Punjab and leave their evidence. There you will find the places of Mughals and in south Punjab abbasi family mahal in Bahawalpur.

Some of the Historical places in Lahore are Shalimar Bagh, Bad Shahi Mosque, Minar e Pakistan and Wazir khan Mosque. The Tomb of Jahangir and Noor Jahan is also very important to place to visit. Anarkali Bazar, Tomb of Asaf Khan, Chauburji and tomb of Qutab u din Aibak are important historical places.

Rawalpindi is also an important city that is a famous hill station and leads towards Murree. Important northern areas that are rich with natural beauty are Bhurban, patriata, Pharwala, Khewara Salt mines are in Punjab.

Multan is also very important and is an old city in the world. The Mausoleum of the Sufi and pir are very famous. Baha u din Zakriya and Shah Rukn e Alam are famous places of Multan. Multan museum is a very famous place to visit.

Another important city that is attractive for the tourist is Bahawalpur. It is near the cholistan desert. There is Derawar fort is available near the Ahmad Pur east. Noor Mahal and Barbar Mahal are two important places in the city that need to visit by the tourist.


Sindh is another important Province in Pakistan. It is the second-largest province by population. Its main city Karachi is very important in the world. Sindh located in the south of Pakistan. Indus Valley Civilization Mohenjo Daro is in the Sindh. It is one of the oldest civilizations in the world near Larkana.

There are also places such as Chaukhandi Tombs these are evidence of Balouchi and Sindhi cultures. Buddhist Heritages in Kahu jo Daro and Mirpurkhas also attracts the tourist to visit these places. The world’s largest necropolises Makli Hill is in Sindh. There is many old tombs and Graves of Islamic dynasties.

The city of Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan and is the native city of Great Leader Quaid e Azam. Tomb of Quaid e Azam is a very beautiful place to visit in Karachi. In Karachi the beautiful beach available. This beach attracts the tourist and they like to spend their time at this place. The Arabian sea gives a very beautiful scene to see.

Worlds important seaports Karachi Port and Port Qasim are present in Sindh. Thousands of beautiful old buildings are available in Karachi. Hindu Gymkhana and Hindu Manders also appeal to visit. Pakistan Largest River Sindh gives very beautiful natural scenes and places at different places in Sindh.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:

This is the third-largest province in Pakistan and rich with natural beauty. You will find many of the beautiful and adventurous places for tour. There found valleys, lands, mountains and agricultural forms. There available ancient Gandhara civilizations like Pushklavati and Takht Bhai.

Important places to visit about Buddhist Culture are Kaniska Stupa, Bala Hisar Fort. Peshawar is a beautiful city and is the capital of this province. Hisar fort and Majid Mohabbat Khan are very beautiful places to visit in Peshawar.

Swat valley is one of the beautiful natural places in the world. Mansehra is the beautiful city of this province. It is the main stop that provides a way towards Northern Areas, Naran, Kaghan, Lake Saiful Malook, and Babusar top.

Karakoram, Ayubia, Chakdara, Kalam Valley and Hindu Kash near Chitral are important places to visit. Beautiful mountains pass from the province. Beautiful Karakoram high way and Lowari pass to appeal to visitors.


Balochistan is the fourth and one of the largest provinces of Pakistan by area. There present old Neolithic sites. Old cities such as Nausharo and Mehrgarh are contemporary of Mohejo daro. Nausherwani tombs are unique with art that is 800 years old.

Quetta is one of the important cities of this province. It is the capital of this province. National Park and Hanna Lake are very beautiful places for the tourist. Museum in the Quetta also a place that attracts tourists.

Ziarat is one of the beautiful cities in Pakistan. It is the world’s beautiful city rich with natural beauty. Ziarat is an attractive city that keeps the largest and oldest forest Juniper. Quaid e Azam Residency in ziarat is also very attractive for the tourist.

Number of Mountain passes available in the Baluchistan. Bolan pass, Lak pass, Harnai pass, and Khojak pass have their own attraction. Border areas are also appealing to visit for tourists. Gwadar port is the largest port.

Gilgit Baltistan:

It is the new province of Pakistan. Capital of tourism in Pakistan in this province. The world’s second-highest peak K2 is in this region. There available glaciers, valleys, and landmarks. The whole of the province is a beautiful place that covered with mountains. It gives you a good piece of natural beauty.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir

It is a very beautiful area of Pakistan. It situated in the northern part of the country. This city located in the lower parts of the Himalayas. Jamgarh peak and sarwali peak attracts the tourist. One of the beautiful place that is Neelum valley. Ganga Choti is one of the highest peaks in the region.

Islamabad Capital Territory

It is the Capital of Pakistan. Islamabad located in Pothohar Plateau. This is a very beautiful city in the world. This city is one of the beautiful capital in the world. It is the last city of Punjab and provides a way towards Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Fatima Jinnah Park. Faisal Mosque and imam bari are very good places to visit. There also Rawal lake and Simli lake that attracts the attention of the tourist.

Pakistan is a very Beautiful Country that provides many of the places to visit for the tourist. The tourism industry in Pakistan growing fast. The government supports this industry and earns a handsome profit from this industry.

This country provides you a lot of facilities during the tour. You can apply online for the Visa. There available many of the old civilizations, natural beauty, and many beautiful old historical places. A wide area of five provinces and Azad Kashmir appeals to visit. The country is safe and friendly with tourists. You can find places to stay and travel.

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