Types of Packaging Used as Medicine Boxes

Pharmaceutical companies are one of the major companies. This is due to the reason that medicines are in use by everyone, all around the globe. In addition to the necessity and need of the medicines, they are extremely delicate to handle. It is the foremost responsibility of the drug manufacturers and transporters to ensure the safe and sound delivery of medicines to the customers and end-users. These packages require extra attention. Even a minute mistake is unbearable.

As these medications are the cure to the diseases, therefore they need special optimal conditions to work appropriately. Moreover, a quality medicine boxes is the one that provides safety and optimal conditions to the medicine. These optimal conditions involve accurate temperature, required a limited amount of moisture and pressure.

The packaging of medicines plays a significant role in maintaining the quality of the medicine whether it is in liquid form or tablets. Furthermore, the following different styles of packaging are used all around the globe to ensure the safe supply of medicine to the patients in every corner of the world.


Generally, the wide variety of pharmaceutical products are packed in a wide variety of packages. These packages are suitable for the type of medicine which is in it. There are many kinds of containers for a particular type of medicine. The liquid, solid or gaseous, medicine is meant to be stored in a different packaging that is suitable. There are the following most common medicine packaging techniques available all around the globe. Also, every type has its specifications and uses according to the nature of medicines.


Blister packing is one of the most common types of packing in pharmaceutical products. Most of the medicines available in the world are in solid form. These medicines are stored in these blistered packages. Blister packets are the pre-manufactured plastic, aluminium or paper. These packets have air pockets to store the tablets, or capsules individually.

These plastic pockets are made of thermoformed plastic which is a delicate form of plastic. Aluminium or plastic sheets are helpful to serve as a seal to these blister boxes. Moreover, this plastic sheet act as a barrier between the medicine and the external environment. Hence, these blister medicine boxes protect the medicine from contamination, humidity and moisture.
Furthermore, machinery to make these blister packages is easily available all around the globe. Therefore, the manufacturing cost of the blister packaging is low and does not require heavy labor. Also, about eighty per cent of the total medicine in Europe is packed in the blister packages. It shows the demand and efficiency of the blister medicine boxes.
Furthermore, several industries are working in the manufacturing of blister medicine packaging. You can get the medicine boxes in bulk from these companies at reasonable prices. Also, these packagings are suitable for the transportation of medicine from one place to another.

Bottled packaging for medicines:

Furthermore. bottle medicine packaging is most commonly significant to pack liquid pharmaceutical drugs or the powdered suspensions bases. Glass bottles are famous as compare to the plastic bottles. The reason behind the excessive use of glass bottles is that it acts as the best barrier between the medicine and the environment. Glass is inert properties, it keeps the medicine safe from the outside moisture, contamination, and humidity. These glass bottles are technically termed as medicinal bottles. These medicinal bottles in use since the 19th century. Also, nowadays these bottles are prescription bottles. Also, these bottles are available in various shapes and colours.

Mostly, these prescription bottles are in orange or light brown colours. These colours protect the liquid medicine from the ultraviolet reactions. These bottles also protect liquefied medicine from photochemical reactions. These coloured glass materials are convenient in use and allow the enough and necessary light for liquefied medicine. In addition to that clear bottles are also helpful for the drugs in which photochemical reactions have no great impact.
Also, numerous companies are working in the field of manufacturing medicine boxes. Always reach to the professionally sound and well-reputed companies. As the medicine boxes are very important and complicated. Do not mess with the universal composition of these boxes. Otherwise, you will end up damaging the quality of the medicine.

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